Lotte Hawley –  Art and Design / Storyteller

A multi-disciplined creative specialising in illustration, brand identity, graphic design, storyboarding, murals, art direction and photography.


Lotte Hawley, a creative from New Zealand, expresses her artistic vision through various mediums, ranging from street and interior walls to traditional paper and digital platforms for commercial brands. Growing up in Wellington, NZ, Lotte dedicated her early creative years to cultivating her artistic identity, producing final artworks, and developing a deep passion for mural painting and illustration.

Lotte possesses a unique versatility, seamlessly transitioning between small and large-scale projects, both analogue and digital. She creates intricate and detailed drawings and grand, expressive fine art and murals. To leave her mark, Lotte signs all her original works and limited edition prints with a beautifully designed signature seal logo representing her nickname, ‘Lots.’ Continuously motivated by the love of creation, she consistently produces original prints, illustrations, and new artwork.


-Personal Work
Currently based in a studio space in Northland, when Lotte is not completing client work, she immerses herself in the development and exploratory process, returning to her sketchbook and other mark-making techniques acquired during her fine art training. Over the past two years, she has also refined her storytelling abilities, delving into more digital mediums, while still embracing a gestural and personal style in her conceptual process. Stepping away from conventional methods, Lotte reclaims the freedom of drawing from her imagination, generating fresh ideas in a sketchbook and gradually building a new body of work.

“At the moment, my drawings and illustrations are an exploration of the imagination, nostalgia and feelings of childhood. They step back in time to a place of simplicity, make-believe, and a self-reliant state of play. These ideas recall a moment in our lives in which anything is possible. A memory, or a favourite pastime, is then expanded into an almost surreal, fantastical dimension. We run away to explore… knowing that we must be home before dark.”

-Commercial Work
Lotte’s commissioned client work schedule encompasses a mix of illustration, brand identity, storyboarding, oil painting, digital design, art direction and set decorating for film/TV, and the occasional photography assignment, naturally evolving her into a captivating storyteller. This website now showcases the variety of projects that Lotte is currently specialising in.

Outside the studio, Lotte indulges in hiking through the mountains, often accompanied by her trusty camera and loyal canine companion. She also enjoys working remotely while embarking on new adventures throughout New Zealand. For Lotte, immersing herself in nature on a daily basis is an absolute necessity, as it provides her with inspiration, clarity, and a space to engage in creative thinking. She intentionally structures her life and has designed her business around these moments.


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