GRAFFIATO Street Art Festival

Taupō, New Zealand 2023

This mural was created specifically for the annual Graffiato Street Art Festival, a vibrant event hosted in Taupō, New Zealand. This yearly festival serves as a platform to spotlight the artistic talents of New Zealand creatives and is orchestrated by the Taupō Town Centre Business Hub and Olivia Laita.

The mural’s design adorns a narrow alleyway within Taupō’s local town. The eyes, rendered in my graphic style, serve as a lure, drawing in those who pass by the alleyway. They convey an aura of intrigue and a sense of security. The eyes watch over the alleyway with an impression that, as pedestrians enter it, an unseen presence is safeguarding their journey, creating a unique and captivating experience for those who wander through.
Photography by Paige Nairn and Ali Al-Sarraf

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