Hāwera Mural Project | Wall 1

Hāwera, New Zealand 2021

In 2021, Bizlink Hāwera embarked on a mission to commission a mural artist to design and paint three walls, capturing the essence of Hāwera and the wider south Taranaki district. The intention was to create an authentic mural that would narrate the story of the region, merging its rich history with contemporary elements. This artistic endeavor aimed to educate viewers about the area while also generating curiosity.

Wall one, titled ‘Discover Your Hāwera,’ tells a story of  a young girl unlocking a hidden realm concealed behind a cleverly disguised bookcase. Each book adorning the shelves represents the accomplished writers who have emerged from the Hāwera area, showcasing the literary heritage of the region. This wall was definitely a career highlight for me being my first ever massive wall to paint. A huge thanks to Bizlink Hāwera for giving me the opportunity to stretch my skills.


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