Hāwera Mural 2 - "The Walk Home"

Hāwera, New Zealand 2022

This mural cpmpletes part 2 of a 3 part mural project commissioned by Bizlink Hāwera capturing the essence of Hāwera and the wider south Taranaki district. The intention was to create 3 authentic murals that would narrate the story of the region, merging its rich history with contemporary elements. This artistic endeavor aimed to educate viewers about the area while also generating curiosity.

Wall 2, titled “The Walk Home,” serves as a seamless transition from wall 1, into a vibrant daytime scene, inviting viewers to journey down a picturesque road. The mural portrays a young boy immersed in the pure joy of walking home, undisturbed by the frantic pace of the world. As he strolls, he relishes a locally made Andersons Pie, savoring a simple pleasure that resonates deeply with every New Zealander.

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